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You can download the schedule of our activitiesHERE.

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Welcome to YMCA Serbia!
Our mission is represented by a triangle with equal sides, symbolizing the holistic development of the spirit, mind, and body that we strive for at YMCA. Why is YMCA Serbia the right place for spending your free time?
Duhovni i Moralni Rast

01. Spiritual and Moral Growth

YMCA believes in and nurtures values such as courage, responsibility, respect, creativity, and care. Through our programs, children and youth have the opportunity to develop into authentic individuals who bring positive changes to their community.

Druženje i Zajednica

02. Socialization and Community

Become a part of an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome! Meet new friends, exchange experiences and interests in a safe environment within the YMCA premises.

Raznolike Aktivnosti

03. Diverse Activities

From educational, creative, to sports and cultural programs - we offer a variety of activities that support your personal development and interests. You can download the weekly schedule of activities HERE.

Volontiranje i Angažovanje

04. Volunteering and Engagement

Through local and global volunteering experiences and activism within YMCA, you're not only helping the community but also yourself. Make your CV stand out from the rest. Get involved!

Podrška i Mentorstvo

05. Support and Mentorship

YMCA can provide you with support and resources to fulfill your full potential through programs in Serbia and abroad. Our experienced and dedicated educators are at your disposal.